Photobooks and collages

  • About collage creation

A course on creating collages in Procreate. For iPad owners, this is an indispensable tool with a wide range of features, and thanks to which you can easily create great photo collections for glossy and business. An expert from the Valleg Academy educational project will show in detail how to create collages on the iPad of varying complexity.

The training begins with an introduction to the app, its tools and settings. You’ll also master an auxiliary program for creating unique lettering. Then in a series of lessons, you will directly learn how to make collages Look, Travel, interior, portrait collages. Everything is simple and intuitive. The course is designed for ages 15 and up.

In the course “Pro Create Collages:

1) Familiarity with the course, the program its settings and tools;
2) Important rules for creating art collage;
3) Mood Board. Assembling a collage in a specific theme according to the chosen color scheme;
4) Create a fashion collage based on an image from LoroPiana;
5) Step-by-step creation of a wish list.

  • Photobooks

A photo book is a modern method of presenting photographs from a single event or a certain period of life. Every self-respecting photographer should be able to make photo books. Mastering this skill significantly expands the range of services and increases profits from professional activities. In this online intensive you will learn how to create photobooks.

To start training you need to have basic skills in Adobe Photoshop and be confident in working with layers, including correcting ones, masks and layer blending modes. The intensive lessons are clearly sequenced. There is no “water” content with clear examples. The training is conducted in the online format.

In the intensive program “Photobooks”:

1) Technical features and rules of creating photo books.
2) Peculiarities of the first and last pages.
3) The choice of photographic material, the layout of photos, design layout.
4) Processing of photographs. Registration of a single style of photobook.
5) How to save the photo book.

  • Collage Intensive

An online intensive in which you will learn how to make a collage out of photos. To start the training you should have basic skills of working in Photoshop, know how to work with layers and masks. The training is designed for both beginners and professionals who want to learn the secrets of creating collages. If you know how to create collages, you will increase your service bill and become more demanded among your clients.

The program consists of a series of small video lessons, after each of which you have to do your homework. You can study the intensive at any convenient time and from any device with Internet access. High-quality feedback, will always get an answer to the right question on the subject.

In the Collage Online Intensive Program:

1) Photography, Collage, Course Introduction.
2) Creating a collage with a flashlight example.
3) Collaging a car with different lighting.
4) Working with layers and masks, creating a realistic picture.
5) Collaging with an example of object photography.

Thank you for your trust!