Mobile Photography

  • Mobile photography

The phone has long been an integral part of our lives. It’s no longer just a means of communication, but also a music player, Internet access, shopping and, of course, photography.

It’s faster and more convenient to take pictures with your phone than with a professional camera, and we’ll teach you how to do it beautifully. The lessons of mobile photography will be useful for everyone who is interested in photography and wants to learn how to take high-quality photos on the phone.
The course of mobile photography consists of a series of video lessons. They do not have any complicated terms and technical nuances. Everything is simple and accessible even to children. Lessons can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and feedback and support, guaranteed throughout the training.

In the course Mobile Photography:

1) How to See and Catch the Magic Light in Photography.
2) Learning how to build a composition so as not to miss anything important.
3) Secrets of mobile photography when shooting landscapes and people.
4) Photo processing in mobile applications, without a computer or laptop.
5) Rules for posting photos on social networks.

  • Mobile photography for moms

Every mother sees her baby in a different way. And how nice it is to take a picture of a baby and preserve the memory of the moment so that later, when he grows up, you can show him his happy childhood. In this online course you will learn how to take beautiful pictures on the phone and learn how to take vivid pictures of all stages of the baby’s growth for the family album.

On the course you will learn to choose an interesting background for taking pictures, beautiful angles, poses and correct lighting. How to process your pictures in special editors. Find new ideas for a photo. You will also learn how professionals make photos of children, and you will learn the tricks and tips for creating unique photos.

The course “Mobile Photography for Moms:
1) A detailed breakdown of the mistakes that occur when photographing children.
2) The main components of good photography.
3) How to photograph children. Poses and angles for kids of any age.
4) Taking pictures in daylight at home or on the street, in the evening light indoors.
5) A list of free applications for basic photo processing.

  • Mobile video shooting

Do you carry around a massive camera for good videos? Hiring professionals to create video presentations of products or services? You can do it yourself with just one click on the camera icon on your cell phone. Everything that seems complicated to you is actually simple.

During the class the instructor will explain the process of video creation from turning the camera on up to the final touches of editing using real examples. You’ll learn how to shoot great memorable videos, edit them, superimpose sound and do color correction right on your smartphone. The course on mobile video will be interesting to learn both for beginners and those who have experience working with a mobile camera.

In the program of the course “Mobile Video Shooting”:
1) What you need to know about framing.
2) Hidden settings on your phone camera that you didn’t know about.
3) How to shoot to get bright and colorful videos.
4) Portraiture, posing and model shooting. Beauty photography. Object and reportage shooting.
5) Video editing software.

  • Cool travel photos on your phone

If you are a lover of outdoor activities and travel, then you should be able to capture the brightest moments. The best travel photos are taken with a professional camera, but not everyone has the opportunity to buy one and always carry it around. In this course you will learn how to take great photos on the phone, which will be no worse than photos taken with a camera.

We recommend the course for everyone who has already bought tickets and packed for travel. For those who do not have time to look for a camera, but have a great desire to take creative pictures and surprise their friends. Video lessons can be watched on the plane or train. Performed actions are reinforced by visual examples.

In the course “How to take great travel photos on the phone:
1) How to take the perfect smartphone photo.
2) Basic camera settings and smartphone apps.
3) Seven techniques for taking great photos.
4) Creating creative shots and pictures with kids.
5)Taking photos by the sea, in the mountains, night landscapes, etc.

  • Appetizing photos

An online course on food photography for those who are looking for fresh ideas to fill their blog and want to learn how to create appetizing food photos. Even if food photography is new to you, the experts at Izibizi online school will teach you all the subtleties of food photography without using sophisticated professional equipment. You will take photos of food masterpieces with your phone and the quality of your photos will be as good as those taken with the camera.

Course duration is 1 week. Every day is a new lesson with theory and practical assignments to consolidate the material. Lessons can be seen at a convenient time. The material is easy to understand and adapted for different smartphone manufacturers.

In the course program, “Appetizing Photos:

1) Course format and introduction to the expert.
2) Trends in food photography.
3) Smartphone camera settings. Photography goals.
4) Step-by-step creation of food photography. Working with light, composition.
5) Processing of photos in a special editor.

Thank you for your trust!