Basics of Photography

  • Photo stocks: quick start

Online course on working at photostocks for beginners. The training is designed for photographers-beginners, professional photographers, those who have already registered at stock sites, but have difficulties in their work. In one month you will learn what other people learn for 2 years, and your first works will be sold during the training. The stock photographer collected all his experience in the program and now he is ready to help you to pass the most difficult time – start in stock photography.

The course consists of 27 video lessons on various topics. After studying the lessons, you will need to do your homework. The result of the implementation is checked by curators. Having studied 5 basic blocks, you will understand what a photostock is and how to earn on it, and also learn how to avoid the basic mistakes made by beginners.

The program of the course “Photostocks: a quick start:

1) What are photostocks. Difficulties and mistakes of a beginner stocker.
2) What is a standard and extended license.
3) Model release, Property release. Rules for filling it out.
4) Registering at major stock exchanges and payment systems.
5) How to properly describe your photos. Useful services and uploading to stockyards.

  • Course “Photographer”

There are all kinds of photography courses on the Internet. Many of them are created by amateurs who can’t teach you how to shoot professionally. If you want to become a professional photographer whose work delights and surprises the viewer, you need to learn how to work with a camera from those who have been engaged in professional photography for many years.

We have such experts, and in this course you will learn the subtleties of the profession of a photographer.

Photographer training is designed for different initial levels of knowledge. Beginners will learn how to work with a camera, get the right skills and learn where to look for orders. Those who already have experience will structure their knowledge, make new acquaintances and learn to earn more from their photos. In the lessons you will learn how to take photos in different genres – portrait, landscape, food-photo, still life, etc. By the end of the course your portfolio will have 50+ pictures.

In the program of the course “Photographer”:

1) What are the main tasks of a photographer.
2) How the camera is set up. Setting options manually.
3) What kinds of light there are and how to work with them.
4) How to take pictures in different genres. Color correction and photo retouching.
5) How to promote yourself as a photographer.

  • My first camera

An online course for beginner photographers who are lucky enough to own a camera with manual settings and don’t know how to properly set the settings for photography. Professional photographers from the online photo school Photo-Monster will introduce you to the basics of photography, teach you how to work with your camera and take high-quality photos in any place and in any weather.

The course is designed for beginners in photography. Videos are as clear and visual as possible. About half of the lessons are recorded with a display of the camera screen. So you can see changes in settings and understand how they affect the quality of the picture. The program includes lessons on learning about the camera, basic retouching and color correction, flash, and more.

My First Camera” Course Outline:

1) Camera device. Differences between DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
2) Basics of composition. How to make a frame, choose the right foreshortening.
3) Shooting in different places and work in the studio.
4) Shooting with a steady light source.
5) How to choose the best photos and how to post them on the internet.

  • Author’s photo

People are looking for photographers with their own style, who can create unusual pictures and convey the inner world of a person. Therefore, it is important to be able to stand out from the competition.

Sign up for the course “Author’s photography” if you want to learn the profession from scratch or improve your skills. If you work as a photographer, but the pictures do not differ from others and there are few clients.

The main goal is to understand how to create a personal brand of a photographer and start a career in the industry. Gain reputation and fame.

In the classes from the Contented school, get acquainted with the prognostic layouts:

1) Features of the photo industry.
2) Work with the camera, light and color.
3) Advertising, subject and portrait photography.
4) Preparation and processing of projects.
5) Reporting and storytelling.
6) Search for your own supply, building a growth trajectory.
7) Development and advertising of the page in social networks. How to put together a portfolio.

  • Processing for the photographer

Photo processing is real magic. This photo processing training intensive is for those who want to learn quality photo processing and understand the algorithm of working with photos. For beginners and photographers⠀⠀⠀who want to understand the tools and capabilities of LIGHTROOM and PHOTOSHOP and not to fill their heads with unnecessary information (these programs must be pre-installed in the computer).

The author and tutor of the intensive is the founder of the photography school “Just about a photo” Natalya Kurova. The format is three live lessons. You will learn how to work with basic Lightroom tools, work with color through toning, do natural retouching and other important things in photo processing.

The program of the intensive “Processing for the Photographer:

1) How to manifest images in Lightroom.
2) How to get rid of “extra” colors and tones that distort photos.
3) Two ways to tint photos in Photoshop.
4) How to achieve clean colors and beautiful skin tones.
5) Retouching lesson. Quick retouching of a woman’s portrait and processing a man’s portrait.

Thank you for your trust!